Business and Investor Visas:

Our firm provides a complete range of services for business immigration transactions including EB-5 visas, L1a-c visas, business visitor visas, temporary work and residence permits, entry clearances, entry visas and passports, counseling for entry and departure procedures, and dependent/family member processing and student-related matters and maintenance of current immigration status. We are uniquely positioned to counsel Chinese investors and entrepreneurs regarding immigration alternatives within the United States.

Corporate Formation and Capital Structuring:

Our firm focuses on the creation, acquisition, structuring, and reorganization of U.S. businesses related to immigrant and non-immigrant visas.  Services include business planning, entity structuring and formation, the operation and termination of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, and the representation of closely held businesses.

Employment Law and Workers Compensation Issues:

The labor and employment laws in the United States can be hard waters to navigate for foreign immigrants and businesses.  We work with our clients to both help them avoid litigation and win in court. Our firm assists our clients with conducting diagnostic reviews and implementing best practice compliance strategies that will materially reduce or eliminate exposure to potential employment litigation, investigations, and workers compensation violations. We assist these entities with diagnosing compliance concerns swiftly and efficiently and to partner with clients to achieve strategic, cost-effective solutions.